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Assertiveness, Leadership & Influence for Women

Are you feeling overlooked or unsupported and second-guessing yourself? Women account for more than half the population but less than 9% of top management positions in the business world. To reach parity with men at the current rate of change women must wait until 2085. Let’s stop waiting and start moving. Assertiveness, Leadership & Influence for Women is a 2 day workshop designed to provide a supportive space for participants to understand, learn and practice skills to be more effective in current and future roles.

Based on the unique problems women face in the workplace, Assertiveness, Leadership & Influence for Women was created to address issues in the following focus areas:



  • Define & assess your Emotional Intelligence

  • Understand how our behavior influences people

  • Discuss impacts of Emotional Intelligence in building sustainable relationships and commanding respect from male and female coworkers



  • Practice projecting a more positive presence - determine if you come across too pass or too aggressive

  • Determine what your body language is saying and how tone of voice impacts communication

  • Handle challenging situations with enhanced confidence


  • Identify and work toward Unconscious Bias

  • The positive role of emotions and how they can make you more effective

  • Learn to use Positive Intent

  • Find common ground to build mutually beneficial outcomes

Who Benefits


This workshop is for women at any level in the organization and any stage of her career - managers, supervisors, key project managers, technical staff, and support staff who must be authoritative and influence the behavior of others without steam rolling people, communicate with authority without coming across as pushy, gain cooperation and commitment without being heavy handed and resolve conflicts in everyone’s best interests.

What You Can Expect

This is a high involvement, interactive, applied and personalized learning experience. The workshop uses a balanced amount of lecture, discussion, small group work; skill practice in assertive communication, conflict resolution, effective communication and developing personalized improvement plans. The instructors have over 35 years of experience in the boardroom and as consultants helping women succeed.

Click below to download the workshop one-page overview.

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