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ALI Collaborative 

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Kate Henson

The founder of the ALI Collaborative, Kate brings over 20 years of experience, passion and dedicated to helping leaders and organizations successfully implement and sustain change in the areas of organizational, team and leadership development through training, personal coaching and consulting engagements.

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Sandy Harvey

Sandy has worked supporting HR, Training, and DEI for over 25 years. She focuses on developing DEI strategic plans. With a passion to help as many organizations as possible, Sandy used this experience to launch Exodus Consulting Group.

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Christina Morales Hemenway

Christina starts with the understanding that “being present with presence” can be learned. She focuses her talents and experience on presence coaching workshops with senior leaders, managers and key staff to bring forward their most influential self in all types of situations, making every phone call, video conference, meeting, presentation and personal encounter matter. Her personal and group coaching sessions draw upon
an extensive 25 years of theater, film making, acting, directing and casting experience which she uses to assess weaknesses and strengths to improve each person’s leadership presence.

Ulli Hildebrand.jpg

Ulrike Hildebrand

As a highly accomplished professional and Consultant at The Leadership Group, LLC, Ulrike brings over 18 years of experience to the world of Human Resources and Leadership. Ulrike’s journey in leadership and human resources is marked by a rich tapestry of experiences in various industries in small and large companies. Born and raised in Germany, she has spent over 20 years in the US, working for international and local companies, bridging cultural gaps as well as aligning HR and business strategies. Ulrike holds a master’s degree (Dipl-Oec) in Economics from Carl-von-Ossietzky Universität, Oldenburg in Germany with a focus on Human Resource Management, Strategic Business Management and Industrial/ Organizational Psychology.

While Ulrike’s experience covers all aspects of Human Resources, she is most passionate about helping future and current leaders to become the best they can be in their leadership role and to enable them to grow - the organization, the people in it, and themselves.

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Jenna Stoliker

Jenna is passionate about helping leaders increase their self-awareness and deepen their connections with others so they may have a positive impact in their workplace and
community. Her work as a leadership coach has helped her to cultivate her natural ability to see what’s going on beneath the surface. In doing so, Jenna is able see connections between seemingly unrelated things and use that knowledge to help leaders grow and develop. As a result, they experience more joy, recognition, and advancement.

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